Welcome to Felix. Felix, er… who?

Let’s be clear. As tutors, personal trainers, music teachers, chefs, babysitters, and nannies, we’re on our own in unregulated industries. We don’t have a career ladder to climb. We don’t have a corporate safety net to fall back upon. And instead of worrying about the job we’re supposed to do, we worry about business logistics: getting paid on time, finding clients, raising our rates, protecting our hours.

That’s why we came up with Felix.

Felix the app: the first autopay app for independent pros. (Log hours, get paid Friday.)

Felix the newsletter: the first newsletter for independent pros to share tips and referrals.

But most of all, Felix the community: the network of self-starters with more important things to worry about than business hassles. Like, our jobs. Or the people we love. Or our plans for Friday night.